Seed Love

Time to take stock and dream those big sowing dreams! Harvesting kale beneath the raised beds’ mini hoop houses has kept me inspired. I’m undaunted by the spinach bed which must’ve been the site of a party of voles, since there appear to be more nibbled stumps than spinach leaves. Our soil has now had a little time to recover from the rain and snow, so I’ve been busy weeding the asparagus row and other areas. All that creeping buttercup and shotweed is on its way out!

Seed On Hand 1/2017:

Beans – Provider (bush), Purple Podded (pole)

Beets – Chioggia, Golden

Broccoli – Waltham 29

Cabbage – Perfection Drumhead Savoy, Brunswick, Glory of Enkhuizen

Carrots – Danvers Halflongs, Machew Jadaina Koral

Cauliflower – Early Snowball

Kale – Blue Curled Scotch, Premier Smooth Leaf

Lettuce – Parris Island Romaine, Bronze Beauty

Melon – Watermelon Golden Midget, Early Silver Line

Peas – Little Marvel

Peppers – Poblano, Red Mini Bell, Early Jalapeño

Spinach – Gigante d’Inverno

Squash – Table King Acorn (bush)

Tomato – Stupice, Cherokee Purple, Yellow Pear, Sweetie

Zucchini – Green Bush


Purchased from Best Cool Seeds:

Arugula – organic

Beans  – Scarlet Runner Bean

Broccoli – Packman Hybrid

Brussels Sprouts: Roodnerf

Corn – Sweet: Yukon Chief

Kale – Red Russian

Lettuce – Salad Bowl

Onion – He-Shi-Ko (bunching/green)

Peas – Oregon Sugar Pod (snow)

Spinach – Space Hybrid


Purchased from Baker Creek:

Carrots – Nantes

Cucumbers – Tendergreen

Peas – Sugar Anne (snap)

Tomato – Black Krim, Barry’s Crazy (cherry)


My veggie garden near its peak production in 2015:





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