Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

I’m feeling like I may need some blogging inspiration in this new year and new era. I’m posting for the first time in a group challenge and hope to continue this some weeks.


Could anything be more graceful than these poppies that grow in May on the north side of our home?

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Graceful


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

  1. You grow them in a barrel? I’m considering trying a tub of some sort, as my place has too many tree roots for blue poppies. Previous attempts to grow them in big plastic pots ended in root or crown rot over the winter. Oh well, everyone needs a challenge, and when they succeed, they are spectacular.


    • Yes! Two wine barrels with many drainage holes that are partially buried hold all my blue poppies on the north side of our home. I’m sure the original owners began this due to tree roots there as well. I successfully added a second barrel this year (with young purchased plants, not seeds). They are my joy! I looked you up, Audrey, and see that we garden very close to each other with just the Strait between. 😉

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