Jammin’ January


Our unusually icy weather has definitely encouraged indoor projects. I sure am glad we got those veggie beds covered for the winter! On the left edge of the above photo, the raspberry hedge lies dormant beneath half a foot of snow. It’s such a pity the fellas below aren’t putting their tools to good use by helping to clear the piles of powder!



This weekend’s indoor projects include jam. The dormant raspberries and marionberries had another good production year in 2016, and my garage freezer has kept close to 20 pounds of the gems preserved for great things. As we experience an emotional lull from packing away Christmas, this home needed a burst of fresh, mouth-watering aroma that making jam brings.

Today was marionberry day, and I began with over 5 quarts of huge, frozen berries. (I’ve written about our marionberries many times including here, here, and here.) Applying heat from below and pressure from above with a potato masher brought the volume down quickly.



Once put through the food mill to remove the majority of seeds, the fruit yielded 12 cups. I added low-sugar pectin, brought the mixture to a rolling boil, and then added 4 cups of sugar. After returning it to a boil for a good minute, I ladled jam into hot jars and processed them in a water bath canner.

The end result will keep us in tart yet sweet marionberry jam for the year!



2 thoughts on “Jammin’ January

  1. March, the aroma has reached me by way of your pictures. What a delight. Have you ever tried using your own pectin, which you can get from apple peels and cores, especially green apples?


    • Sabine, I would like to learn to make my own pectin, especially since peels and cores are in abundance at apple harvest. Send any info you have, please! Yesterday I made a big batch of raspberry jam also from frozen berries, so I’m all caught up. Hope you have a nice weekend planned.


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