Slow & Steady


I’ve collected just two gallons of bigleaf maple tree sap so far from our taps. This weekend we may move some taps that haven’t produced. This is one slow process! When boiled down, the two gallons should produce a mere cup of syrup. It’s been so cold that I’m hoping a true thaw will melt all this snow and get the sap running.

In chicken news, we are thrilled the hens are back to laying steadily. They must have overcome their initial shock from the cold weather, because we’ve been greeted daily by the welcome sight of three to four blue eggs in their nesting boxes. I’m imagining our 2017 might include yummy breakfasts of French toast made from the eggs, drizzled with bigleaf maple syrup!




9 thoughts on “Slow & Steady

  1. Ah, March, now I understand why maple syrup is so expensive. I always buy the organic quality when it’s on sale for about 30 % off, and even then it’s costly. But well worth it! You will enjoy those breakfasts you describe!


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