Tomatoes In December?

My sister, Meg, shared a festive project she tried this year with repurposed, inverted tomato cages. I absolutely believe in following in my sisters’ footsteps, so I created my own.


The ribbon-wrapped trees add light and color to the front of the house in a December filled with travel when I’ve seriously scaled back our decorating.




With the frigid temperatures we’re experiencing, our snow won’t melt, so these pots of tulip bulbs that sat earlier in the open offer pretty, snowy bases for the trees of lights. I’ve started small this year with two. I’m certain the 20+ tomato cages in the garden shed will invite me to all kinds of colorful creativity next year! Thanks, Meg!

IMG_8715 (1).jpg


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes In December?

    • They were fun and EASY. Removing the glittery ribbon to save for next year yielded fine red sparkles everywhere, though, and I imagine I’ll be seeing red sparkles in odd places for many months.


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