There is so much beauty in this life! I took a ‘beauty walk’ around the garden today and my heart overflowed with gladness. The miraculous detail of this fading hydrangea stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes the weight of beauty is so great we need to be on our knees, either in the dirt with our faces in flowers or in prayer. I prayed in thankfulness for the many beautiful people in my life:  I come from an amazing, large, and loving family; my husband is the kindest and most supportive soul; our children strive to be gifts to those around them; and I have faithful friends who know me and (still) love me. I also prayed for the people who have a hard time being beautiful or letting love in and out. Some days I’m in that group. This has not been a smooth year for our family or a year any of us anticipated, yet it has been meaningful and beautiful in its own right. I prayed in thankfulness for this truly gorgeous place we are able to live in. The future is a bright beacon, and I know where my Hope lies. I’m celebrating the joy and beauty of life this Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “Thankful

    • Thank you, Sabine, and even though it’s not an official celebration for our northern neighbors, may you find yourself immersed in thanksgiving as well!


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