Celebrate The Stream

This is the first year since we moved into Coppertop 2.5 years ago that the stream bisecting our land has flowed continually throughout the entire summer and into fall. Of course this is related to the amount of snowfall our ‘backyard’ Olympic Mountains received over the winter.

In past years, we’ve considered our stream a 3-season stream since it dried up by July and began flowing again as late fall rains began. In 2016, it’s officially become a permanent feature of these gardens, and we’re thrilled. Its babbling accompaniment to time spent in these gardens is a beautiful thing.

Celebrate the stream!


7 thoughts on “Celebrate The Stream

  1. How fun! We have a stream that runs along the edge of our yard in the winter when it rains consistently for a few days….but that’s simply because we’re sitting on clay and have poor drainage. πŸ™‚

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    • Hahaha! Have you thought about adding any (intentional) water features, LaNae? Our waterfall and large pond are favorite features of these gardens, drawing birds and frogs, and adding soothing background music… And just think, you would certainly take some beautiful photos of any features you might add!


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