Fall Starts

Crystal clear, cool days have ushered in a beautiful autumn. The morning marine layer was magical yesterday, causing Mt. Baker to float on high. IMG_8481.jpg

Before noon, the skies were completely clear, and the slanting sun added a glorious bronze tone to the changing foliage.


With the majority of spring/summer veggie crops harvested, it’s been time to focus on getting the fall veggie starts into beds. Son has been a huge help by refilling the depleted beds with Coppertop compost. First in was spinach seed, which was rudely disrupted by some type of small animal, leaving half a bed of seedlings. Half is better than none.


I’ve also planted broccoli rabe, cauliflower, kale, swiss chard, and more beets, all of which are settling in nicely. This week’s rain showers have reduced my watering chores, something I always appreciate! These veggies may not mature before first frost in a couple months, so we’re prepared to add plastic bed covers and create mini hoop houses for each bed.IMG_8469.jpg






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