A Bevy Of Beets


After a rather slow start, the raised bed of beets, planted way back in April, has provided continuous roots for yummy meals. Actually, I started the seed for the golden beets in a tray back in February, so their slow maturation again confirms the long period between sowing and harvesting in our cool, beautiful Pacific Northwest.


I’ve harvested the beets when they reach at least two inches in diameter, and many have grown past three inches.


The two varieties, golden and chioggia (a.k.a. candy stripe), add rich bursts of color to our supper plates when they’re roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. These sweet and earthy delights are one of our favorite crops this year.



2 thoughts on “A Bevy Of Beets

  1. March, I sowed Chioggia beets in the raised bed where I’d grown my garlic, which I pulled during the first week of July (because it had developed rust, but the bulbs were perfectly healthy and big). And the beets are now large, probably about 2 inches in diameter. So I wonder if sowing them later will produce the same results as sowing them early, when the ground is still cooler? I’ve never roasted beets, but your picture tempts me to try it. Please, can you provide some tips about the procedure, time and temperature?

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    • Glad you’ve had success with late sowing, Sabine. Always good to hear from you. It definitely seems like sowing beets super early is not productive. Although we’ve been harvesting beets for a couple of months now, the dramatic range of maturity in these roots surprises me. Some individuals grow so slowly. About cooking, many cooks roast the beets in foil at 375-400F then peel them when tender (45+ minutes). I prefer to peel them first, slice them into 1.5″ chunks, toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then roast them for about 40 mins. They lose some of their vibrant color with either method, yet they are wonderful when piping hot straight from the oven, especially tossed with citrus zest or my new favorite, a fig balsamic. Also, I failed to mention that for the first time, I planted a fall crop of beets from starts I just purchased. I’ll let you know how they grow!


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