Vertically Challenged


The new patch of 150 sunflowers by the garden shed is nearing maturity. The many varieties are beautiful, and some have reached a whopping 12 feet in height.IMG_8451.jpg



Next year we’ll make improvements to this new area by beefing up the support system and laying a soaker hose to reduce the time commitment. Some of the tallest flower stalks have tackled their meager stakes and lie sideways until we rescue them, especially following breezy days. Better support will keep blooms vertical, and I’ve begun considering inexpensive and readily available alternatives to 150 broomsticks  for next year — some type of corral maybe? A simple trellis on the wall we tie each flower to?


I don’t water the patch often, allowing the sunflowers I don’t bring indoors to dry naturally. Birds are feasting.




Yet plenty of cheery blooms remain for fall, encouraging me to plan and plant this sunny patch again next year.





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