End Of August 2016

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Son helped out in a big way by trimming back the spent Alchemilla mollis or Lady’s mantle along 70 feet of the driveway’s rock wall. These flowers self seed too easily. early August


  • Such a  lovely, abundant year for gladioli. early August


  • Loving the family help we had with apple harvest. mid August




  • Harvested and ate the Diamond eggplant. Tender and delicious, but not enough to store so unsure if I’ll grow them again. mid August
  • Hubby pressed 20 gallons of cider – 15 to make hard cider from and 5 to freeze fresh. late August
  • Harvested 50 pounds of D’Anjou pears and placed them in cold storage on the bottom shelves of our fridge for a month. Third harvest year for us at Coppertop and the pears are the best looking yet! late August



  • Harvested, prepped, blanched, and froze five pounds of green and purple pole beans. late August


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