Late Summer Perennials



Stately Echinacea purpurea, bright Rudbeckia hirta, graceful anemones, and faithful asters are currently blooming. The bees are abuzz amidst the abundance of pollen-laden anthers! I’m loving the slight chill in the air, and we’re welcoming scattered showers, although we’ll undoubtably have a few more cycles of heat before autumn is in full force.






IMG_8357 (1).jpg





2 thoughts on “Late Summer Perennials

  1. March, those are the most beautiful anemones I’ve seen for a while. You must be protected from the winds. Everything in my garden over 2 inches tall gets blown over unless it’s got a stalk almost as thick.It gets so windy here in Richmond, near the water, and this has been going on for years. People who come here remark on it. The wind only stops when you count on it being windy, for instance when you want to line-dry your laundry.

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