Apples Everywhere

Today we’re getting much-needed rain showers, but last week was all sunshine and apple showers. Our two Yellow Transparent apple trees began their drop of fruit, so Hubby and Son began their harvesting in earnest. In less than a hour, they had climbed ladders and collected three large buckets or about 60 pounds of fruit.


The next step is peeling and slicing, and our deck was Apple Central for a few days.



Now apple crisps fill our freezer. I also canned 4 quarts and 8 pints of applesauce — two rounds in the water bath canner. The jars are stored in the basement for lots of appley goodness in the months to come. Many pounds of fruit remain on the two trees and will be combined with additional varieties from our two other apple trees to make another round of delicious apple cider by the end of August.

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