Clematis Beauty VI



The small planted corner near the hot tub has become a very pretty spot this year, despite the chainlink fence that keeps our gardens protected from deer. The transplanted clematis vine brightens the fence, continuing the parade of clematis blooms we’ve enjoyed for three months. Surrounded by plenty of trees including a huge Western Red Cedar, this corner enjoys only early morning and late afternoon sun.


Four Philadelphus or mock orange bushes complement patches of dianthus transplanted a year ago from deck pots. The mock oranges have thrived here, as witnessed by the below photo taken right after planting in October 2014. One 12-inch variegated bush was trampled by the dog and humans immediately after planting, but four out of five made it. We hadn’t yet planted the purple clematis or the evergreen clematis when this photo was taken.


I’m delighted that we were able to move this lovely vine from a nearby garden bed and give it a new home.



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