End Of July 2016

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Feeders have been filled with dozens of birds including this cute pair of evening grosbeaks. early July



  • The tree I’d hesitantly identified as a native serviceberry near the dahlia beds has telltale berries birds are enjoying. Guess at Coppertop it should be called a “Julyberry” instead of “Juneberry.” early July


  • Three baby robins flew their clematis vine nest at the front of the house. mid July


  • Patch of astilbe in the perennial beds wasn’t this gorgeous last year! mid July


  • A couple of the young hens have begun laying (not sure which) and each day we are greeted by a sweet, small blue eggs.  Too soon the eggs will be full size.mid July


  • Bringing in the first glads — ‘Fiorentina.’ late July


  • Seems it may be an excellent year for grapes. late July


  • Diamond eggplant are growing! late July




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