More & More Blooms

For the rest of the summer and fall months I could happily post just photos of the abundant, gorgeous blooms at Coppertop. The colors and shapes are astounding. We are thankful to live here.

In the dahlia beds, more flowers open each day. This is an 8″ ‘Citron de Cap,’ a laciniated dahlia (aka fimbriated in the UK), with a frilly or fringe-like effect due to its split ray florets. The second photo is one of the faithful bushes of collarette dahlia ‘Bashful’ — not at all bashful here. They appear red or fuchsia, depending on the day and the lighting.


IMG_8289 (1).jpg


The march of the gladioli has begun. These might be my favorite flower to bring indoors since they last so well in vases. And the statement they make — wow.



The below beauties are new, cheerful varieties opening in our sunflower patch.



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