Raspberry Harvest

It’s been wonderful to have both daughters visiting for a portion of the summer, and even sweeter is their willingness to help out with the currant and raspberry harvests. Today I remembered to shoot a few photos of one of Coppertop’s helpers.





Nearby, at the edge of the pond, we’ve enjoyed the blooming yellow irises. We must have cut them back at the wrong time the past two years, since they are a surprise this year! Coppertop continues to reveal its beautiful secrets.





2 thoughts on “Raspberry Harvest

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that every new day, almost, there is something else to catch your eye in the garden, whether a newly opened flower, or a branch laden with fruit begging to be picked? The moment I look forward to the most in the day is the stroll I’ll take through the garden first thing in the morning, to see what has changed overnight – always hoping, of course, that the change is a positive one, not one wrought by marauding pests.

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