Western Tanager

One of the showiest birds regularly visiting Coppertop this spring is the Western Tanager. These sweet birds aren’t just colorfully handsome though; their song is a gorgeous treat. This guy was eyeing the suet longingly when I grabbed my camera.



Next, he sang a song of desire to the suet.



Finally he approached, first from below.



Then from above, but alas, his beak was a smidgen short.




Soon enough, he’d accomplished his goal, sending the suet spinning and keeping me entertained while he feasted.


3 thoughts on “Western Tanager

  1. A delightful tale, March. I’ve taken down all my suet cakes for the time being because no bird had been coming for months. I’ll reinstall everything in the autumn. The hummingbirds aren’t coming to the feeder, either, although I hear and see them in the yard.


    • Sounds like your bird visits are much more seasonal than here, Sabine. At least you are able to hear the soft whirring and catch glimpses of the hummers. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled at their return!


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