Bold & Bright Poppies

A couple areas of almost fluorescent color brighten the gardens today. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around such dramatic hues!

Along the gravel stairway, the amazing Himalayan blue poppies, Meconopsis betonicifolia, are having a stellar year.




Even the youngest hens seem drawn to the poppies during their free range hours, and thankfully, so far they’re not messing with them! Here goes Shelley to check out the color:


She’s followed soon by Peggy and Eggberta:


So the blues are truly beautiful, and nearby in the perennial beds, the red poppies are just beginning to open. These continue to be some of my favorites. Happily, I’ve been able to expand the poppy patch and look forward to many vibrant blooms.


IMG_7893 (1).jpg



5 thoughts on “Bold & Bright Poppies

    • Yes! They are standouts in the garden right now, Cynthia, and have a reputation for being difficult. But I admit I simply ignore them and just water when dry… then enjoy miraculous blooms. 🙂

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