New Green Sights

Unseen before at Coppertop, a couple of new sights jumped out at me today, one quite literally.


The other was a surprise Pieris japonica bordering the pond. How had I not noticed this evergreen bush and its heady fragrance in the 2+ years we’ve lived here? In almost full shade, it holds just a few flower clumps yet plenty of new growth. Perhaps it blended in so well with the glossy english (or cherry) laurel.



Through the black arches and to the right, the newly-planted quartet of pieris are settling into their new home.



So much green is mind boggling. Yet there’s more, as our surrounding green enclosure of trees begins to leaf out.



2 thoughts on “New Green Sights

  1. Coppertop is looking beautiful! Piers japonica is one of my favorites, and bloomed beautifully this year in California.. Also makes a long-lasting cut flower, drooping gracefully over the side of a vase. What a nice surprise! Heard any croaking yet?


    • Too strange that I walk by the pieris daily and never noticed it! Yes, lots of frogsong which makes sense when I learned another name for the pacific tree frog is pacific chorus frog. Hahahaha You’ll hear them this summer!


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