Growing In The Greenhouse

With this week’s surge of truly springlike temperatures, it’s about time to document the green goodness that’s taking place in our greenhouse. Over 25 trays of veggie and flower seedlings line both sides of the sunny structure.


Annual, perennial, and biennial flowers I seeded within the last couple of months include two varieties of cosmos, sweet alyssum, black peony poppies, and a few varieties of foxgloves. Sweetpeas, some of which I transplanted into their final pots today, are ready to be moved outdoors and to begin their climb up the trellises.



Nearly three trays of varieties of sunflowers are stretching out. We’ll need to prepare a new bed for them on the south side of the garden shed.



Veggie seedlings that are almost ready for transplanting into raised beds include kale, lettuces, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, golden beets, broccoli, purple beans, and others.



Today I moved two trays of tomato seedlings planted on 2/28 from their garden shed heat mats into the greenhouse. Germination rate of the four varieties was excellent, and I can just imagine their future juicy deliciousness.




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