Two Years Later

Today marks exactly two years that I’ve been tracking Coppertop gardens. This means I’ve been working in the dirt here for two years! My dedication to growing things has expanded by leaps and bounds during these 24 months, and I have an immensely deeper appreciation for the circle of life in these gardens. Inspiration lies in the simplest to the most elaborate plants and tasks. I hope for continued energy to pursue this passion and to communicate the results.

As if in celebration of early March, these lovely plants are bursting with life and color.IMG_7588IMG_7587IMG_7569IMG_7574IMG_7589

2 thoughts on “Two Years Later

  1. Hearty congratulations, March. I love the lungwort, which I had not seen before. Since it likes to grow in the shade and provides an attractive ground cover, I must look for some. Your rhubarb is at exactly the same stage as mine, though yours is growing more plentifully. I hope to be able to harvest some this summer, finally. I have a little hellebore, too, but yours is truly magnificent.
    I hope you’re having a celebration today for your second anniversary!


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