Mud With Spots Of Color

I’ve spent a few busy and wet days in the garden with my rain jacket’s hood up.  It may sound funny, but the soil has been perfect for weeding, and now is a good time to get the big weeds out of all the borders before they grow huge in spring’s warmth and produce seeds. I allowed too many weeds to over-winter in the garden, so now am getting serious about ousting them. We’ll be adding a thick layer of compost to many areas in the next couple of weeks. In preparation, I’ve begun the clean up of all the perennial beds, the gladiolus border, the area above the driveways’ s rock wall, and the “test garden” inside the veggie fence where creeping buttercup has taken over the soggy soil. The great news:  Coppertop’s soil is looking gorgeous and loaded with fat worms.

These spots of crocus color brighten my hours outside in the dark brown mud. I took these photos prior to digging out the creeping buttercup, which may just be photo bombing the crocus!








4 thoughts on “Mud With Spots Of Color

  1. I always tell myself I should start weeding this early…but they seem to grow back as fast as I pull them up…so I lazily don’t start the fight until April or May. 🙂


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