Veggie Seed StockUp

Folks say this time of year is perfect for the armchair gardener to get cozy and dream big dreams. The tall stack of garden catalogs by my armchair attests to the potential for amazing harvests at Coppertop as well as some paralyzing indecision on my part.

Encouragement lies in the weather report which today reads: “Length of Visible Light 9h 48m; Length of Day 8h 37m; Tomorrow will be 1m39s longer.” The growing season approaches!

Always looking for a challenge, I plan to attempt to grow new types of produce this year, from watermelon to eggplant, selecting varieties that might thrive in our cool, northwest garden. Distraction looms as 63 crazy varieties of eggplant astonish me, including plants that bear orange and yellow veggies from Europe, Asia, and Africa. The below eggplant is called Melanzane Rosso Di Rotonda; take a look at  to see more.


I selected seed for the Diamond Eggplant variety due to its classic purple appeal and short (70 day) maturation. I hope to keep pots of eggplants with the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

January is the perfect month for list making, dreaming veggie dreams, and taking stock of seed.

On hand seed, to sow and use up in 2016:

  • LETTUCE – Parris Island Romaine, Bronze Beauty, Prizehead
  • BEAN/PEA – Provider bush beans, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, Cascadia snap peas, Little Marvel
  • CARROT – Atomic Red
  • BEET – Golden
  • PEPPER – Red mini bell
  • SQUASH – Zucchini bush, Table King acorn bush, Waltham butternut
  • MELON – Golden Midget watermelon, Early Silver Line
  • BASIL – Genovese

Ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom 01/16:

  • Bean, Purple Podded Pole
  • Cabbage, Glory of Enkhuizen  & Perfection drumhead savoy
  • Carrot, Koral
  • Eggplant, Diamond
  • Kale, Blue Curled Scotch
  • Pea, Cascadia, Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow &Little Marvel

Ordered from Ed Hume 01/16:

  • Broccoli, Waltham 29
  • Carrot, Solar Yellow
  • Cauliflower, Early Snowball
  • Kale, Premier Smooth Leaf
  • Pepper, Early Jalapeno & Poblano
  • Tomato, Stupice
  • Tomato, Sweetie
  • Tomato, Yellow Pear
  • Tomato, Cherokee Purple


It’s difficult to believe a few months ago our veggie garden teemed with life and produce!



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