Stormy Weather

Much cleanup has been required following a good week of stormy weather. Sadly, the ferocious winds downed our second pink honeysuckle tree, snapping it off at the base.


We’re rethinking this area along the stream, realizing that lower, stockier bushes and plants would fare better in this wind-whipped corridor. The healthy shrubs along our gravel stairs at the north side of the house attest to the possibilities for this area.

The black locust tree also lost a hefty section of its multi-stemmed trunk.


Snow on the mountains and over five inches of rain here at Coppertop have been much-needed gifts from these storms, with more precipitation in the forecast. Protected from downpours, I’ve been at work getting seeds organized and doing some cleaning in the garden shed. The sound of the raging stream accompanies my efforts.

Holly bushes are washed clean and just begging to be brought inside for colorful Christmas cheer.


Winds messed with Hubby’s lights, and he’s had to restring a few patches. His lighting projects expand:  This large homemade star on our bedroom balcony can be seen from the bottom of our road and beyond.


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