End Of November 2015

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Splurged and surprised Hubby with a couple cases of flip-top bottles for his homemade cider. Spent an evening re-bottling together. early November
  • Coral rosebush atop kitchen garden still faithfully in bloom. early November


  • Homegrown potatoes and carrots are luscious with roast pork! So happy with our ¼  pig purchase from a local 4H student. “The Great Hambino” is providing us with some yummy meals. early November


  • Euphorbia planted in early spring near black arches is going gangbusters. early November


  • Purchased an irresistible shrub at Sunny Farms — Ninebark ‘Center Glow’, Physocarpos opulifolius. Will plant on chicken hill. mid November
  • Our tomato harvest extended well into November; I finally emptied the giant containers and composted the plant remains. mid November


  • Coppertop gardens will be aglow soon. Hubby has officially completed hanging outdoor lights and a dozen+ timers are ready to click on at the start of Advent! late November
  • Opted to ferment the 2015 batch of sauerkraut in the garage to keep the slightly funky aromas at bay. The frothing magic is happening. late November
  • A light snow has blanketed us for the past week with temps not climbing above freezing. Defrost is on the way. Putting off cutting the imperishable sweet peas. Photo taken 11/30/15.


2 thoughts on “End Of November 2015

  1. Aren’t sweet peas the most incredible plants? They are so determined to hang on, come what may. I still have two flowers at the top of mine, and notwithstanding the freezing temperatures overnight, they simply will not fall off. This year I put some sweet pea seeds in the ground next to the old stems to see if they’ll germinate in the spring – I read that sowing them now would give them a head start, and I’m normally rather late if I start them indoors and then transplant them.


    • Sabine, I’d love to know if those sweet peas have sprouted! I started mine in the unheated greenhouse about a month ago and they are almost 6″ now.


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