Fall Chores


Today dawned clear after great magnitudes of moisture and grey days filled this week. Mt. Baker is beautifully blanketed. Last night we had our first true frost at Coppertop which has held fast today.  From an upstairs window I snapped a photo of the trio of birches before their golden glory departs for the year.


I’ve been working on emptying about 20 pots and then planting a great variety of bulbs as I refill the pots with a fresh mix of soil and bulb booster.


Today’s light freeze put a wrench in my plans to complete the chore, so I’ve had to move some pots into the garage to defrost before I can complete the digging and planting. The hot tub will feel great tonight after all the heavy lifting.

I’m still moving more tender potted perennials to the greenhouse and am relocating several stonecrop/sedum and dianthus that have become almost root bound. Due to a mild November, some sedum is already sending up new growth.


Chickadees, juncos, and spotted towhees have kept me company on the chilly deck.




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