The Last Dahlias


Bigleaf maples reflect golden light throughout Coppertop gardens. We’ve progressed more than halfway through October which means I’ve been bringing in some of the final blooms from the dahlia beds. Although we still may be a couple weeks away from our first frost here in the Pacific Northwest, cooler temps have ushered in slower garden growth. We relish these beautiful blossoms while they last.








Tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse have also responded to crisper weather by slowing way down. The foliage on all the tomato plants has changed color, and while fruit continues to ripen, I know not to expect more new fruit.


The holdout has been this volunteer in the gravel from last year’s Sweet Million plant’s dropped seed. This is one healthy plant for so late in the season!


I brought in one final batch of jalapeños yesterday then added the spent plants to compost. Storing these minced in the freezer will allow quick access to their spicy flavor all winter.  Olé!


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