Birds & Blooms

The suet feeders have been especially popular this week with plenty of gray jays and northern flickers. The birds manage to get along well enough to feed at the same time, which is fun to watch. Their motions and pecking create a whirling merry-go-round at the feeder so focusing the camera is challenging. The mustard-colored tail feathers of the flicker are a beautiful sight.



Another flicker awaits her turn, perched high on a plant hook.


Besides birdwatching, I’ve been drying more flowers this week, trying to stay ahead of the forecasted rain by bringing blooms indoors. Stonecrop’s vibrant tones shine in our entry hall alcove tucked into a large cloisonné vase. We purchased the favorite vase almost 30 years ago while exploring Hong Kong. This stonecrop (sedum) should last a year as the last batch did.



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