End Of September 2015

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • End of our first artichoke season arrived. My plants produced a few of these beautiful blooms — artichokes we left on the plants. early September


  • Hardneck garlic varieties finished post-harvest curing in garden shed. Filled two quart jars with minced garlic and oil for freezer. early September
  • Added ornamental kale and johnny-jump-ups, viola tricolor, in pots where petunias declined. early September
  • Sadly, the large pink honeysuckle tree off our main deck was unsaveable post windstorm. Hubby removed it. mid September


  • Made a zucchini bread with continuing bountiful harvest. Great recipe from sister Meg via Cook’s. mid September


  • Hired Hart’s Tree Service to do lots of tree removal and clean up. Took out two more large alders along the stream, removed many limbs on other trees, helped with storm cleanup, and shredded it all. We now have a few more cords of firewood to split, plus enormous piles of mulch. mid September
  • Enjoying lots of roasted cauliflower at lunchtime with Mom — straight from the veggie garden. mid September


  • Harvested asparagus seeds from female plants with intentions to expand our asparagus row. late September
  • Researching heated grow mats for use in garden shed during winter months. Any success stories out there? late September
  • Sunflowers from the garden offer beauty at the table. late September


2 thoughts on “End Of September 2015

  1. March, your garden is such an inspiration. All your (and your family’s) hard work is definitely paying dividends. And that zucchini bread – oh my, what a tantalizing photo, with the recipe just a wee bit too small for me to read!


    • I appreciate your kindness, Sabine! I’ve been busy away from the garden for a bit and am very eager to dig in again. The zucchini bread was a hit with houseguests; I’ll send you a scan of that recipe soon. Hope you’re enjoying the autumn colors and brisk temps up there as we are here.


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