Organic Veggie Love

Cooler temps and scattered showers have kept Coppertop’s veggie beds producing abundantly. I’ve allowed these organic crops to dictate our meals and hope to continue to do so well into fall. Of the 21 raised beds built by the previous owners, the vast majority bear veggies. Currently, this bed is ready to harvest for the second time this year, with its kale and cabbages.


In other beds more cabbages, both green and purple varieties, increase in size. I pick a couple heads a week for slaw and other yummy dishes.



Nearby, a bed filled with Bronze Beauty and Romaine lettuces is  on its second harvest.



Atomic Red carrots bide their time in the soil until I select them and give them a firm tug.


While the bush beans have stopped flowering, the purple pole bean vines are still producing in limited amounts. Their foliage has taken on golden autumnal tones.



Along the other trellis, Little Marvel peas continue to be marvelous. What a great, extended season!


Young spinach, round three at Coppertop this summer, is thriving in the cool temps. Zucchini doesn’t favor the lack of warmth, yet the vines continue to provide flowers and squashes. We’ve also enjoyed plenty of cucumber salads this month, but I forgot to snap a photo…



I enjoy harvesting Snow Queen cauliflower and roasting it with ground coriander and cumin. Yum!


My “flop” crop of broccoli will soon be forgotten when I harvest two beautiful beds of the green trees. With high hopes, I’ve reserved freezer space just for them.


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