A Pocketful Of Plums



This morning I picked a pocketful of Italian prune plums. This first fruiting year our little tree grew exactly one dozen purple beauties. The green flesh inside is a delight. I also collected another bronzehead lettuce and about a dozen of the last pears before heading over to the greenhouse and picking tomatoes and peppers. The colors of all jumbled together are sensational.

Earlier this year than last, a second batch of raspberries is ripe and ready to pick. Delicious!


Some mysterious bubbling is happening in the garage. Hubby has two batches of cider brewing; one with added sugar and the other without. The gauges atop the lids bubble as fermentation begins in earnest.





A couple of days ago, we were all enjoying a lovely sunset when a great blue heron flew into a nearby cedar, dominating the tree like an oversized Christmas angel. He perched briefly above the pond, then flew off in search of bigger fish to fry.




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