Harvest Mania

We continue to play catch-up following our large chunk of time away from Coppertop gardens. Here’s what happens in a small zucchini patch during August after just 10 days away. These range in size from 7-20 inches. IMG_6013

I’ll shred and freeze zucchini for the year, although it seems I have a lot in the freezer already from before our trip. Tomorrow the local food bank will receive the balance along with cabbages and apples.

The second variety of apples is ready for harvest. These red and green beauties are sweeter and crisper than the Yellow Transparents. I wish I could positively identify them. Hubby did collect one more huge bucket of the yellows today, and we’re having an apple crisp tonight. Is it strange that I have eight apple crisps in my freezer stowed away for the year?



Alongside the apple trees, our two pear trees are ready to be picked. Pears must be picked before they’re ripe and allowed to ripen at room temperature after a chilling period.



Again, I’m unable to identify the variety of ours. Perhaps green anjou? This helpful article from Oregon State U. – http://extension.oregonstate.edu/gardening/node/413 – has taught me to turn the pears horizontal to check for readiness; they’ll come right off the tree if mature. Elsewhere I’ve read that pears are ready when their spots turn brown. Today I stowed one dozen pears in the fridge for their chilling period.

Perhaps acknowledging that we’re a tad overwhelmed, our lone Italian prune plum tree has a meager handful of plums this first fruiting year, and they’re slowly changing from green to purple. Beautiful.


Like a balm in the midst of harvest mania, a lovely spot of color at the corner of the veggie garden draws my eye. Behold the first sunflowers!


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