Shades Of Royalty

On this day a few decades ago, my wonderful sister, Meg, was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people on this planet. Queen for a day!



It’s the start of harvest for our purple podded pole beans, and they couldn’t be lovelier. Photos tell the story.






These mature on the vine from green to purple but remain green inside, and return to green when cooked. Their purple tone is a helpful indicator of ripeness, and they are so easy to spot for picking! From my supplier, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: “This delicious heirloom was discovered in the Ozark mountains by Henry Fields in the 1930’s and is still requested by many old-timers of this region. The pods are bright purple, stringless, and tender. Plants grow to 6’ and produce heavy yields.”



Another purple beauty in the garden near the hot tub is this transplanted clematis. It adds a dash of brightness to the otherwise drab chainlink (deer deterrent) fence.

IMG_5462 (1)


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