A Week Of Wonders


It’s this very week that the sun rises directly over the tippy top of Mt. Baker from our bedroom’s vantage point. This is starting the day in a stunning way just after 5:00 a.m.

Soon after sunrise the hens begin clucking and singing their egg song while they lay. The girls have been very faithful producers, and very little brings me more joy than giving away these fine cartons of gems each week.


Some of my favorite Christmas presents greet me down in the kitchen. The sweet peas I started from packets tucked into my stocking fill up the house with their happy fragrance. The ripe raspberries beg to be picked daily and provide the start to a delicious breakfast.


This little fella, a red house finch, commences a rainbow of birds visiting our feeders on the deck during breakfast. Yesterday he was followed within a few minutes by orange black-headed grosbeaks, then bright yellow goldfinches. I was mesmerized!


Yet before 8:00 I like to be down in the veggie garden, harvesting or watering, well before the heat of the day sets in during these warmer weeks. Besides raspberries, the spinach, kale and cherries needed harvesting this weekend. Soon the peas will need attention too, but today I’ll get to harvesting, blanching and freezing the remainder of the lavender-tinged cauliflower.





Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the healthy garlic scapes and wonder if I shouldn’t be researching some recipes for them…  So much to do! So much to savor. So much to be thankful for.



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