Scarlet Hawthorn

Between Lupine Hill and the pond, a few young trees are extending their roots as they establish themselves. Fortunately, the previous owners left a couple of tags in place, so I’m able to identify this lovely tree with arching branches as a Scarlet Hawthorn, or more precisely Crataegus laevigata ‘Paul’s Scarlet’. This tree is commonly called an English Hawthorn.



In this dry weather, I make sure to give this tree and other youngsters a good, deep drink each week. This tree has the potential to reach 25 feet in height. Last year it lost its pretty lobed leaves early, and now I’ve learned these hawthorns are very susceptible to rust, hawthorn leaf spot, and blight. I’ll need to research prevention and treatment, since any of these may cause the tree to defoliate in late June or July.


Our tree bloomed in mid-June, and as I drove around town, I paid attention to mature specimens.  I found many, so I’m hopeful ours will thrive at Coppertop. We can look forward to much beauty in years to come (photos from Oregon State U):



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