End Of June 2015

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Cotinus have leafed out beautifully along north side of house. early June


  • Harvesting sweet strawberries every other day. Lack of rain has been a boon; fewer berries rot than last year. early June
  • Removed tulip bulbs and added salvia, echinacea, and sweet potato vines to whiskey barrels beneath birches. early June
  • Sweet pea vines on new trellises along side of garage have first blooms. mid June


  • Noticed deer (in particular, one young buck) have been visiting the plants along the driveway. Damage done to sedum buds and alchemilla, but not total loss. early June
  • Removed violas that had bloomed in kitchen window boxes since October. Added solid white impatiens to take us through summer and into fall. Also replaced old boxes with new green ones. mid June
  • First water lilies in the pond! mid June


  • Seeing small garter snakes around perennial beds occasionally. (Western Washington has zero venomous snakes!) mid June
  • Purchased two Hydrangea macrophylla at Airport Garden Center to fill holes along bottom of chicken hill. Pistachio and cityline Venice varieties; each will reach just 3×3 feet.  mid June


  • Purchased and planted yellow potentilla to replace dead one along driveway. Deer resistant! mid June
  • Loving wild irises that are blooming profusely next to waterfall. mid-late June


  • Eating the first raspberries! late June
  • Pacific giant delphiniums along garage are in full bloom earlier than last year due to warm days. late June
  • New lavateras along gravel stairway are beautiful. late June



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