Robin’s Nest

Lately I’ve had the feeling that something’s watching me. IMG_5103

Our clematis vine at the front door is the home of a lovely new robin’s nest. From out front, the nest is invisible, but from inside our entry hall, I often have a view of the mother bird doing her thing at all hours. IMG_5115



Usually we depart our home through the garage, but lately when I walk out the front door, the nest is quickly vacated, and both father and mother bird proceed to chirp loudly while circling me. They alight on branches of nearby alder trees and watch while I dare to water the plants near the front stoop. I make sure to fill the birdbath located six feet from the nest. Mothers like a good soak. IMG_5076



Today I braved their wrath to get a photo from above the nest. It’s good news! IMG_5121

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