Summer Roses

The start of summer means the start of some lovely roses here at Coppertop. I am no rose expert, and I simply describe ours as peach shrub roses, deep pink climbers, a large deep coral hybrid tea rose, and one enormous white rosa rugosa.






Last summer these roses proved to be very hardy, requiring no extra measures other than cutting back occasionally, and they suffered very little disease that I could tell. IMG_5014


One healthy coral shrub rose (floribunda? tea?) sits atop the kitchen garden terraced hill. I cut it back severely a few months ago, and that seems to have made it hardier still. It will pop with color soon and continue faithfully until first frost. IMG_5072

Of course the huge (6″) and fragrant hybrid teas are gorgeous indoors as well. IMG_5031


This week we splurgd on a ‘Claire Austin’ English rose for the new bed on Chicken Hill. Its buds are pale yellow, promising large, creamy white flowers. Their fragrance is described as “based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope.” We are hoping this will grow into an elegant, arching shrub, nicely filling the space between geum, artichokes, and columbine. IMG_5075


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