End Of May 2015

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • In honor of our daughter’s May 9 wedding, planted a poppy anemone mix,  Anemone coronaria, pure white ‘The Bride’ and a blue variety into the edge of a couple raised perennial beds. Soaked the corms before planting. Strange time of year to plant, but we’ll see how they do. early May
  • Added a few great plants in the holes in perennial beds:  Baptisia purple smoke (shown), Delphinium magic fountains- lavender and mixed, and Euphorbia martini (shown). mid May



  • Planted two lavateras – twins cool white – into one of the whiskey barrels along the gravel stairway. Barrel previously held the hollyhocks (which didn’t return). mid May
  • Harvesting arugula, Chinese cabbage and the very first strawberries. mid May
  • Enjoying the blossoms of the gorgeous Himalayan blue poppy (and keeping the hens away). mid May


  • Campanulas have begun their outstanding show! late May


  • Transplanted three heuchera from pots they were outgrowing to perennial beds. late May
  • Pruned ribes, snowberry, and spent lilac trees. Attempting to keep hardy geraniums and catmint in check as well with severe clippings. late May
  • Encountered this masked bandit in a tall tree outside the fence. Concerned for the hens! late May


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