May Whites

It’s no secret that I favor white blooms. There’s something about the clean contrast between pale blooms and the deep northwest evergreens that appeals to me. This month has been filled with some lovely white flowers at Coppertop. This lush clematis grows on the black arches alongside hops, hardy kiwi, akebia, and other climbing neighbors. IMG_4766

Views of the beauty at other times of day:




A young white clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ has done well along the side of the garden shed since we planted it a year ago. IMG_4750

May means viburnums here, and I daily enjoy passing through the arch of these branches.IMG_4769


This week our rosa rugosa has begun to bloom in the center of the perennial beds. I can’t pass by without leaning in to inhale the sweet freshness.IMG_4773


My favorite white lilac bush is now joined by lupines and irises. We call this Lupine Hill for a reason! IMG_4778

Outside the ground floor of our home, the first bush to bloom is another variety of viburnum. More research is needed to identify this specimen. IMG_4748

On practically the opposite end of the gardens, marionberry vines on their long trellis are in bloom. These white flowers promise another sweet and juicy summer harvest. IMG_4761

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