May Morning

Spectacular sunshine and mild temps have made for one beautiful week. Our mornings begin with the rising sun shining brightly through our bedroom window before 5:30 am, lighting up the sky in rosy shades. By mid morning, the marine layer has risen slightly uphill. The billowy blanket of fog typically stays below our mountainside home. IMG_4626

Our deck is in full sun with blue skies overhead, but just down the gravel road, the neighbors are in a white haze. By noon they’ll be sharing in the blue. IMG_4693

Goldfinches have returned in full force at Coppertop. They flash charming yellow as they visit the feeders. IMG_4702



Meanwhile the sweet old hound rests his weary bones in the warm sun. IMG_4697

A walk down to the orchard reveals that the apple trees are just clinging to their last blossoms. A blanket of petals already covers the freshly-mown grass. IMG_4681


6 thoughts on “May Morning

    • Thank you. Yes, the deck draws us to take a break from garden upkeep, and two sets of doors to the deck from the main room are kept wide open in all this sunshine. Hope you’re getting outdoors lots as well and finding a relaxing spot along that water of yours, Eliza!


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