Veggie Update

May is a busy month for vegetables. The fenced veggie garden is looking more productive than a mere month ago.


Hubby helped out tremendously a few weeks ago by constructing a second bean/pea trellis in the middle of the garden. He re-used a section of the dog yard fence we removed.  It’s not gorgeous, but the ultimate in utility. The peas and beans are cooperating! (Those weeds have got to go; tomorrow’s task.)



I’m thrilled that both varieties of potatoes have begun to sprout and are growing well.IMG_4666


The most mature veggies are the ones I started from seed weeks ago: the chinese cabbage, russian red kale, cauliflower, and arugula. Our arugula salads have been delicious this week!




I’ve spent time thinning the beds of spinach, broccoli, and carrots. Before I know it, these seedlings will fill the beds.IMG_4674


Lest all appear too faultless, I’ve learned what happens to asparagus when one leaves it without supervision for 10 days. We have plenty still shooting up and plenty yet to harvest, but the tallest spears have gone past the window of possible consumption and are branching and feathering out. Although it feels like a waste of great food, the fronds do gather strength for the plant for next year.



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