Wedding Bells!

It’s been about two weeks since I posted. The garden has been doing its spring thing while I’ve been away and immersed in a fabulous wedding celebration. My daughter and her new husband were married in Charlottesville, Virginia, on May 9. These photos show a smidgen of the joy that is overflowing our entire family. IMG_1810


How about the white clematis in that bouquet? Mallory Joyce, my daughter’s dear friend, created stunning bouquets for the bride and attendants to carry during the church ceremony. For the reception, the “Flower Ladies,” a group of 15 female family members, attendants, sweet friends, and the bride herself created arrangements in about 100 brass vessels of all shapes and sizes. We used local flowers from a grower and a few buckets of additional gorgeous peonies and hydrangeas. What a fun, bonding time on the morning of the wedding —  my daughter’s idea and dream come true. Some of the lovely results: IMG_1772


So as I settle back into life in the northwest, I breathe big sighs of relief in our cool, refreshing weather. The lawns are approaching knee height, the asparagus hedge is a jungle, blooms are bursting all over, and I am glad to be home. How perfect that these lily-of-the-valley, Convallaria majalis, a beautiful bridal flower which I never knew we had (!)  have bloomed  atop the rock wall — in honor of my daughter, I like to think. IMG_4608



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