A Bee’s Paradise

Our sour cherry tree in full splendor is a wondrous sight.



The orchard is bursting into bloom from end to end, and this pear tree and its twin near the cherry are loaded with flowers.




Our four apple trees are just beginning to pop, with the couple Yellow Transparent trees leading the way.




Along one side of the orchard and also outside the veggie garden fence, the currant bushes are greening up and looking wonderfully healthy with their pale green flowers.


To top off all this beauty, this week I spotted a new bird at Coppertop:  a Golden-crowned sparrow appeared at a feeder, dominating and outsizing the juncos and chickadees. Love the yellow stripe!





3 thoughts on “A Bee’s Paradise

  1. Wow, what an abundance of fruit you will have this summer! Lucky you. I’ve not had great success with fruit trees here because of fireblight. The insects and sapsuckers spread it from infected wild trees, alas. Thank goodness there are good orchards near by. 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words, Eliza. The trees provide much wonderful fruit, and we look forward to late summer/early fall harvests! Fireblight is dreadful and heartbreaking, so do stick with your trusted sources. 😉

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