For The Love Of Seeds

Coppertop’s greenhouse shelves daily become more crowded with flats and pots of newly-planted seeds. Oh, the potential within!




During my recent travels to California, I was treated to a fun trip to Petaluma Seed Bank with one sweet sister and my dear mom. The cool, 1920s Sonoma County bank building was converted into an even  cooler seed bank in 2009. (The company also issues a beautiful catalog called RareSeeds, which is currently out of stock, but a pdf can be downloaded here.) The range of varieties of Baker Creek Heirloom, non-GMO seeds offered at the seed bank is extraordinary  — over 1500! — and very tempting. I set myself a $30 spending limit since I know of plenty of other places I also want to spend my seed money. I came away with a nice selection of vegetables and a few flowers I know will do well in the Pacific Northwest. More on those another day.

In unrelated news, this large northern goshawk has returned to sit on my deck railing this week! If he makes me nervous, imagine how my hens feel.


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