Mallard Visit

What a rainy week! Area rivers have jumped their banks after a few days brought nearly seven inches of rainfall to nearby mountains. The mild weather means there’s been virtually no snow, and the warm temps have awakened crocus and daffodils which seem to me to be a couple weeks ahead of where they were last year.

In its wintry state, our pond is at its fullest, but looking drab and devoid of foliage. At least four large goldfish have made it through the winter thus far, and they linger in the underwater plants, breaking the greyish green  monotony with flashes of orange. Recently Hubby cut back more of the pond grasses so very little green breaks the surface of the water. The current scene is so different from the lush pond flora we enjoyed last summer, pictured here:


There must be plenty to eat beneath the expanse of water since the ducks have returned to Coppertop this week! At dawn a pair of mallards flaps in, lands on the surface, and commences eating. Usually the male duck stays watchful while the female dives for treats.

IMG_4081Just as the ducks fly in, I’ll be flying out — off to visit family in California and Tennessee for 10 days. It’s the perfect time to get away, when the garden is mostly dormant.

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