2015 Is Here!

I’ve been enjoying this season as Coppertop gardens lie dormant beneath another light blanket of snow. Writing garden updates has taken a backseat to all the holiday activity. Yet the garden catalogs have begun arriving and today’s sunset was a few minutes later than last week’s — major signs that change is on the horizon.

I feel it deep in my soul that 2015 is bound to be a truly stellar year. On today’s traditional beach trip, this beauty embraced us at Rialto. As we enjoyed the ocean air, we thought of our dear nephew Danny who celebrates his 24th birthday today surrounded by loving family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY! You are such a gift to all of us!


Our 2014 concluded in relaxed style these past few days, as we adjusted once more to a quieter home after the mass of family departed earlier in the week. What a full and fun couple of weeks we shared. Presents were given and received with joy, newly-engaged sweethearts were celebrated, and love simply oozed at Coppertop.

As family did loads of wash prior to packing suitcases, I was reminded each time the laundry room door opened that a stone crock awaited me. The aromas emanating from within either meant fermentation of our garden’s cabbage was a roaring success or the pairs of wet socks from hikes in the rainy weather were ripe. The sauerkraut which I wrote about here had been fermenting for sufficient weeks, so yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, Hubby wowed me with his muscles and moved the heavy crock to my kitchen counter, tasted the delicious contents with me, then watched and chatted as I canned quart after quart of juicy, crunchy kraut.  I processed 7 quarts in my water-bath canner and preserved 6 pints plus a huge bowl in the fridge. The “raw” or uncooked pints provide the best probiotics.



Today we found the perfect picnic table among the amazing driftwood for our traditional New Year’s feast. The waves crashed nearby, and the 40 degree temps didn’t deter us one bit.


We all agreed the star of the meal was the sauerkraut. It has a much less vinegary taste than storebought, yet has plenty of tang. It never hurts that I follow my mom’s recipe and cook it with bacon, onions, brown sugar, and caraway seeds then mix in the kielbasa for our New Year’s meal.





5 thoughts on “2015 Is Here!

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It looks like your beach adventure was as beautiful as ours this year. Happy New Year and much love to all of you!


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