Before & After

Our crystal clear nights have dipped below freezing this week, and we’re awakening to a frosty landscape. For the past couple of days our birdbaths have been frozen solid, so the stream is keeping the birds hydrated. Thankfully, we’ve put most of the gardens “to bed” and are still covering other areas with mulch. I’m planting bulbs and collecting seeds while enjoying documenting changes the seasons bring. Although the vibrancy of flowers and foliage is fleeting, each season is fascinating.

Blue Himalayan poppies bloomed in May. Last week I collected seeds from their fuzzy pods. One can always hope to have success with these!




September’s sunflowers have now fed the birds. I’ll cut them down soon, but have enjoyed their weathered appeal mixed with the golden foliage from the currant bushes.





The vines on the black arches– hops, hardy kiwi, virginia creeper, akebia and clematis –have almost entered the barren stage. Twinkling lights would add interest on these arches during the winter, so I’ll get on that!



Plump zucchini are a thing of the past as the large squash hills have been tilled and seeded with rye, which we’ll eventually incorporate as a green manure.





5 thoughts on “Before & After

  1. Another great view of the garden. I really love the blue poppies…they’re something I’ve been meaning to add to my collection for some time, but plants/seeds can be hard to come by in Australia…


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