End Of October 2014

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Planted one raised bed of rainbow swiss chard and purple kale, ‘Redbor.’  Gorgeous colors.  early October
  • Removed about 20 lily bulbs from the tallest lilies in the bed at the front of the house. Replaced them with three rhododendrons and one wild mock orange. The rhodies are a variegated ‘President Roosevelt’ and two white, small-leaf ‘Dora Amateis.’ Topped with free mulch from the shredded alder branches. early OctoberIMG_2471 2
  • Overwhelmed by apples! Gave away bagfuls and canned six quarts of pie filling to add to the rows of applesauce. Froze two more crisps. early October
  • All pepper plants in the greenhouse are done producing. Emptied pots and moved plant debris to compost. mid October
  • Replaced nasturtiums in kitchen window boxes with johnny jump up/violas. mid OctoberIMG_2534
  • All apples and pears have all been harvested and eaten or stored. The orchard is cleared of fruit, but trees have not yet begun dropping leaves. mid October
  • An efficient new tool has joined the lineup at Coppertop: A Stihl power blower/vacuum/shredder/bagger. Sure is helpful for cleaning the acres of leaves and getting things collected and shredded for composting. mid OctoberIMG_2661
  • Harvested cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Still more remain in beds. Also harvesting prize head and romaine lettuces daily. late October
  • Began buying stone blocks to construct another raised bed for perennials — this one on the sunny point by the chicken coop. late October
  • The sweet peas have been blooming for four months! Just now winding down. late OctoberIMG_2616

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